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This is not only a breakfast club

Did I really did it? This idea that was just a little seed planted in my mind for a really long time. Omg. Bare with me! I don’t know what the heck am I doing.

So, looks like I am in deep water.

I am just a regular, small town girl (my friends tell me I should stop calling myself a girl as I am in my mid to late twenties, but I firmly choose to ignore them) with kind of big city life that decided to write about things she loves and share them with any one who wants to listen. In professional world I am an architect, urbanist and designer. In my mind I label myself like restless wanderer and life, laughter, photography, beautiful stuff and good food lover. And no beautiful stuff doesn’t have to be labeled in any way.

For you I will ramble, write recipes, cook and try some good food, take some photos, work out and adore some places. Sounds good? To be honest mostly I will cook and eat. And I hope you will try some of the recipes with me. Maybe it is worth to mention that food here will be gluten-free and mostly lactose free also; as I have some health restriction, but about that some other time; some vegan food  and a lot of healthy one.

I hope you will like what you see here and that we will have amazing, inspiring conversations about things we share in common.

Talk to you again soon friends!


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Karla’s Lemon Cake

So I missed last weeks post, but my computer broke down and it has been in shop. So to make up for it, today I am bringing you a new recipe. Something that is a bit sweet and that I love. It is my Karla’s lemon cake. Karla is my older niece that turned 13 today. And when I asked her what does she wants me to make, she said that lemon cake of yours. And I felt so privileged that I have nice that loves most of the food I make and that supports me in my crazy experiments. And I think it is important to note that she does not have any restrictions, jet she finds this gluten-free and lactose free cake great. And I have to warn you,  it is caloric bomb (around 450 calories if you use coconut), but so worth it and still feels really light and it won’t drop heavy on your stomach.

I love lemons. They are so versatile and can be used in sweet, salty or even sour recipes, in drinks, you can put them in pretty much any thing you can think of, and they will improve or sharpen up the taste.

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Scampi broth

It’s been so clod past few days in my hometown. so cold, that we had snow , even as our city is in Mediterranean and on the sea.

View from my neighborhood yesterday morning

With some of my closest friends, we have tradition that we gather once a mont enjoy some  good food, maybe some wine and just laugh and talk. This time it was my turn to prepare food. As it is cold outside I desperate needed something to warm us. And my salvation came in a form of my amazing aunt that called to tell me to come and pick up some delicious sea food caught by her husband few days ago while it was still warm enough. And boy was I lucky!! in between everything else she gave me 0,5 kg of delicious Adriatic sea Scampi. My my concern about what food to cook, and not to be too boring disappeared quickly  and I decided to do the amazing homemade broth (here called, buzara). It’s easy and it’s deliciouse. And it is pure heaven to eat while sipping some amazing white wine.

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Gluten-free penne in creamy sauce

After all the Christmas shenanigans, after all cakes and desserts, healthy desserts, but still desserts I am finally going back to my usual diet and exercise. Today I was craving some pasta, so on my way from work I decided to make one of my favourite and share it with you!

I have to say that I was a bit tired and not in mood for making fresh tagliatelle ( will put up recipe for them soon too!) so I opted for corn and rice gluten-free penne with some of my favourite things on top of it. And they are still delicious, trust me!

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Tapioca sticks

As a first I bring you super easy but still “Oh so delicious” recipe for Tapioca sticks. There are million variations of this one with all the “regular” flours. But for me it took few trial runs to successfully make them. I had problems of not rising, or sticks being hard as rocks after baking… But few weeks ago I made it a weekend project and succeed.  So I hope you like them. Also I added some cheese because, well, cheese – that is self-explanatory. 🙂

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